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Joined The Army

At 16 i started Basic Training at the Army Foundation College Harrogate in September 2015. After 6 months as a Junior Soldier, learning the essential skills needed to serve in the Army. From here I was lucky enough to pass out into the Corps of the Royal Engineers, and start at 3 Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) in early 2016. Upon successful completion of the B3 Combat Engineering Course i moved onto 1 RSME to complete my trades course.

All Arms Commando Course

At the end of 2017, I volunteered to go to to 24 Commando Engineer Regiment to attempt the All Arms Commando Course, and earn the prestigious Green Beret. At the young age of 18 Years Old I had my first attempt. Unfortunately I was not successful. This is where I learned my first lesson - Failure Is Necessary For Growth - We learn more in failure than we do in success, when you can accept this everything has a silver lining. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not allowed to go back to Lympstone on my second attempt, despite completing the Commando Conditioning Course. My second lesson - Determination - The drive and willingness to push through hardship and keep moving forward, even when everything seems pointless, lead me to my third attempt. When I went back on Attempt number 3, I knew what to expect, I knew what was coming, I knew the level I had rise too, and I did. After a gurgling 12 months pushing and working hard, I turning failure into success, I learned my third lesson - Anything Worth Doing, Has A Cost - If the reward is as sweet as you think, the journey is going to be bitter.

Recce Troop

Straight off the blocks I was out to Norway for my first deployment. It was trial by fire. I was lucky enough to post into Reconnaissance Troop where I worked with some of the best in the regiment. fresh eyed and bushy tailed I was just about 19 years old, working with people who had 15+ years of service with a lot of operational experience it was safe to say I had a steep learning curve ahead of me. The fast pace of the troop kept me busy for the year, after returning to the UK I went to learn to be a Parachutist, use specialist radios, and learn effective reconnaissance techniques to survive and gain valuable information during conflicts in all environments.

The Hard Truths

By now I had to face some hard truths:

  1. My fitness was not up to the task and I had no idea where to start

  2. I had barley any time to structure and plan due to the fast pace of the job

  3. something needed to change. FAST

Covid 19

During the Pandemic, I had no excuse, I had the time, I had the opportunity, I had the desire. isolating at home I decided to educate myself and apply this to my own life. I learned effective techniques and gained a level 2 fitness instructor qualification, this started my journey into the fitness industry.

All Arms PTI (AATPI) Course

2 years down the line, I was posted to 22 Armoured Engineer Regiment into the gym, starting as a Potential Physical Training Instructor (PTI) being trained by the experienced team around me until it was my chance to attend the AAPTI course. The 10-week course taught me everything I needed to know to train the Troops of the British Army to pass key fitness tests, how to train injured soldiers to keep them moving and help bring them back to full health ready to pass the fitness test and come back to mainstream PT. Upon successful completion of my course, I was award the best PTI in my section, and I was one of 6 selected to be the top student on the course, for my knowledge and application of effective physical training.

All Athletes Coaching Was Born

Through my experiences, I learned that every single person has the potential to become an athlete, it doesn't matter what your background is, what your current levels are, or what you think your limit is, every single person has the potential to unlock true ability. There is minimal difference between you reading this right now, or a top class athlete, other than they have been lucky enough to find ways to get paid to train. This means you have the chance to push over your perceived barriers and reach new heights, this is why I refer to everybody as an Athlete. The moment you start training is the moment you become and athlete in your own right. The experiences I have gained have taught how to coach, how to push myself and others around me, and as I mentioned, that everybody is an athlete. I am currently studying Sports and Exercise Science to enhance my ability to push you to your peak and beyond.

Stage 1: The application Process

After deciding to reach your full potential, all you need to do is hit the apply for coaching button and fill out our application form. Once you’ve submitted it one of our coaches will reach out to you via WhatsApp. At this point we will ask any follow up questions we have and get you booked in for a consultation should your application be successful.

If your application is successful, our coach will schedule a call with you, at this stage we will go through a consultation to find out everything we can about you and figure out a plan moving forward. we will cover your current health, your current perceived fitness levels, what you want to achieve AND WHY. From here a bespoke testing protocol for you will be crafted. During this call, we will also talk about your life surrounding fitness such as stress levels, and sleep.

Stage 2: Onboarding

Stage 3: Test Week

This is your first week with AAC, this week we will find out what your fitness levels are, and measure you against your goals. this could include BCM measurements, run times, strength or a combination. The tests you do will reflect your goal. We won't test a run, if your competing in powerlifting, just like we wont test your bench press if your goal is the London Marathon.

Once test week is over, your first week of training comes through. This is where the real work starts. It's on you to put the work in, and hit your sessions, while you do this, your coach will start to craft your 1-year training calendar, designed to help you peak at the right times, weather its a one off event or if its a season of sports.

Stage 4: Behind The Scenes

Stage 5: Our First Review

After Your first 2 weeks of training, you’ll sit down with your coach and go over how your time has been going so far, we will work our way through your testing results, how you found your first week, and how you're feeling surrounding this too. Stress, sleep and how you're getting on with your plan. This is your formal opportunity to ask any questions you have (you will have 24/7 access to your coach). From here we rinse and repeat, every couple of weeks you'll have a sit down with your coach, and at the end of each block we will re-test.

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